First Shirt Designs Released Apart of the 1881 Vintage Line
As a student designer at the Marketing & Communications office at South Dakota State University, I've had the pleasure of designing shirts for the 1881 Vintage Line in the University Bookstore and The Pride of the Dakotas Marching Band. For the 1881 Vintage Line, I revived several old Jackrabbit logos and was inspired by vintage finds in old yearbooks. Sample of shirts sold (past and current) at the Bookstore, including finalized t-shirts that are yet to be printed. Also included are a sample of t-shirts designs for a Pride of the Dakotas fundraiser. (2017–2018)
Shirt Designs a part of the 1881 Vintage Line
1881 Vintage Line Designs To Be Printed
Pride of the Dakotas T-shirts
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